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Focused on patient outcomes

MindTrace was founded with an important mission: to protect a neurosurgery patients' mind. Since spinning out of Carnegie Mellon University, our goal has been to develop software tools that aid neurosurgeons in surgical planning.

By leveraging MindTrace’s machine learning platform, neurosurgeons can simulate surgical plans and predict their patient's cognitive outcome – all before the first incision. Personalized Mind Tracing™ gives patients confidence they will be the same person coming out of brain surgery as they were going in.

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A new era of neurosurgical planning

We are pioneering a new analytic field called Mind Tracing™ that combines advances in brain imaging and cloud-based computing to generate predictions of sensory, cognitive and motor abilities all before the first incision.

MindTrace’s software seamlessly integrates into existing clinical workflows to reduce personnel time spent testing, compiling, and analyzing brain imaging and behavioral data sets.


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115 Atwood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213